Gem Essences | Organic

SLS-free | PABA-free

handcrafted | safe for color treated hair

After using the Hair Growth solution for a month, I noticed when I brushed my hand along the top of my head I felt tiny tiny new hair sprouts! After another week or two I brushed my hair back along my hairline and there were many new hairs the same length [about 1/4"]. I had new hair! Carol

Shampoo and Conditioner
for hair STRENGTH

Gem Essences
to GROW and

For women only. To reverse hair thinning and hair loss. A non-pharmaceutical alternative free of side effects and adverse reactions. Works naturally and therefore takes time.

DISCLAIMER: Dr. Richards' Hair Regeneration System is not designed to diagnose or treat any medical condition that causes hair loss. It is energetic only. Therefore, individual results may vary, If you do not experience hair Improvement, I highly recommend you have a diagnostic evaluation to determine whether you have a metabolic condition.